MiniChef Cooking Simulator

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Realistic cooking experience

MiniCheff offers a realistic frying experience with play food items like eggs, steak, and fries.

Imagining themselves as little chefs encourages a positive self-image and helps instill valuable skills that may translate into an interest in real-life cooking as they grow older.


Learning made Fun!

MiniCheff encourages imagination and creativity while teaching children about different cooking utensils, colors, and foods.

The color-changing feature not only provides an element of surprise but also serves as an educational tool. It introduces basic scientific concepts like thermodynamics in a playful manner, promoting a love for learning from an early age.


What toys you get with your MiniCheff

We prioritize your child's safety. MiniCheff is constructed with durable and child-friendly materials, ensuring a secure playtime environment.

Toys - 1 item:

Fish, Egg, Corn, Pepper, Steak, Ketchup Container, Fries Container, Salt Container, Plastic knife, Plastic fork, Plastic scoop, Plastic dish, Grill Basket for frying

Toys - 5 items:


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