Hoola Hoola 360

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Color: Pink (24 knots) adjustable
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“ Wow, this is one of the best gifts I have gotten in my life. I use it every day and now my kids are so addicted to it. I used it to tone my body in a matter of weeks (hubby agrees too). Such a fantastic shop this “
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sarah Musa | ✅Verified Buyer


Are you tired of repetitive and boring exercise routines that make staying active feel like a chore? Does the thought of another boring workout make you want to hit snooze on your fitness goals? It's time to liberate yourself from the fitness rut and step into a realm of joyous workouts that invigorate both body and spirit!

Picture this: the sun kissing your skin as you twirl and sway with the rhythm of Hoola Hoola 360. Say farewell to the mundane and embrace the thrill of dynamic movement that will turn every workout into a celebration!

Introducing Hoola Hoola 360 – more than just a fitness tool, it's your passport to excitement, energy, and a healthier you. Whether it's a solo session for personal fitness goals or a family activity that promotes bonding and laughter.
Reasons Why Moms Insist They Must Have This Product:
Family Fun Workout: The Hoola Hoola 360 is not just an exercise tool; it's a source of family fun! Get everyone involved and enjoy moments of laughter and fitness together.
Efficient Body Toning: Achieve your desired results with just 30 minutes of daily Hoola Hoola 360 workout. This dynamic exercise routine is designed to tone your body effectively, making fitness a time-efficient and enjoyable part of your day.


Transforms Your Core: Sculpt and tone your core effortlessly with the mesmerizing twists and turns of our specially designed Hoola Hoola 360.
Customizable and Convenient: Experience the freedom to tailor your Hoola Hoola 360 to perfection. Featuring a user-friendly slide switch, you can effortlessly adjust the hoop's size for a comfortable fit. With 24 magnetic buckle-equipped parts, freely combine them based on your waist size. Need to disassemble? Simply twist the connecting rods in opposite directions, and they'll pop out automatically. Assembling is a breeze – insert one end of the link first, then snap into the other end. Enjoy a hula hoop experience that's as adjustable as it is convenient!

Product Specification: 

Package includes: Hoola Hoola 360 with Gravity Ball x1

How to use it: 

💡Pay Attention💡

The sport hoop ball does not contain fillers, please fill it by yourself. The user can change the number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their bearing. For beginners, it is recommended not to exceed 200g.


At CasaLondon, we understand the importance of finding enjoyable ways to stay active, especially in the midst of busy lives. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining a fitness routine that both kids and adults can embrace, we introduce the Hoola Hoola 360. This innovative product is more than just a tool – it's a gateway to a world where fitness meets fun right at home. We've created the Hoola Hoola 360 to offer a playful and entertaining approach to working out. Because we understand that staying active should be a joyous experience for every member of the family. Welcome to a new dimension of home fitness, where laughter, movement, and wellness converge with the Hoola Hoola 360.

Our guarantee is a commitment to your satisfaction and well-being. We stand by the exceptional quality and effectiveness of the Hoola Hoola 360. That's why we've introduced the Hoola Hoola 360—a dynamic companion thoughtfully designed to seamlessly weave into your routine, creating a space of exhilaration and movement. With a keen understanding of your desire for an engaging workout, Hoola Hoola 360 invites you to revel in the spirited spins and embark on a journey toward a more invigorated and active lifestyle.


Laura - 3 days ago

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Maria - 10 days ago

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