Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™ - Endless Fun for Everyone from 6 - 106!

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Color: Small (14" x 9")
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Looking for a game that's fast, fun, and fiercely competitive?

Say hello to Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™ – the game that will keep you hooked for hours!
Challenge your friends and family to a tournament and see who is crowned the Champion 👑


Fun for All Ages

Whether you're 8 or 80, the thrill of Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™ captivates players of all ages. Share unforgettable moments - and ignite friendly rivalries - with this dynamic tabletop game.

Fast-Pace Action

Transform your table into an arena of excitement with Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™. Quick reflexes, rapid strategy, and non-stop energy are the name of the game. Challenge your friends and family to determine who will reign as the ultimate champion.

Compact and Portable

Take the fun wherever you go with Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™. The smaller game has a compact design makes it the perfect travel companion, easily fitting in your bag or suitcase. Whether you're on vacation, visiting friends, or just moving the game to a different room, it's ready for action anytime, anywhere.

Boosts Strategic Thinking & Decision-Making

Looking for a game that is more than just fun? Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™ encourages players to think strategically, anticipate their opponent's moves, and make quick decisions, all while enjoying quality family time. 

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Enhance hand-eye coordination while having a blast with Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™. This game challenges players to aim, flick, and react swiftly, training their visual-motor skills in an exciting and engaging way. 

Easy to Play

Get in on the action with Fling n Sling Tabletop Hockey™ – a game that's easy to learn but also challenging for advanced players. Its straightforward rules and intuitive gameplay ensure that everyone can join in the fun. 
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