The Birth of a Vision

The odyssey of BellaLuna Milano began in 2021, founded on a revolutionary and passionate vision: to transform the way women's fashion is perceived and experienced.

From the outset, our ambition was clear - to celebrate the modern woman in all her diversity and uniqueness. We launched our first collection with the goal of offering clothing that merges elegance and comfort, two qualities rarely associated in the fashion world.

By placing the woman at the heart of our creation, BellaLuna Milano committed to providing fashion that speaks to and listens to its customers. Thus began our journey, with the firm intention of redefining women's fashion, one piece at a time.


The London Boutique Project

In 2024, BellaLuna Milano is embarking on an exciting new adventure: the opening of our first physical store in the iconic city of London. This project is much more than an expansion; it is the realization of a dream and a response to the growing demand from our customers.

Currently in the planning phase, our London store promises to be a space where style, innovation, and elegance meet. We envision a place where our customers can enjoy a unique shopping experience and interact directly with our team. This initiative symbolizes our commitment to creating memorable experiences for our customers and to strengthening our presence in the fashion world.


Being a family-owned business, we deeply value each of our customers.

Each BellaLuna Milano garment is crafted with precision and care, embodying the spirit of artisanal fashion. Our skilled seamstresses ensure every stitch reflects our commitment to timeless elegance and quality.


Our customer support team is committed to your service around the clock, available through email any day, any time.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you need assistance. We're always eager to assist you!